Commons Management Committee 16th September 2015

Minutes for the of the Salesbury and Copster Green Commons Management Committee meeting held in Salesbury Memorial Hall on Wednesday 16th September 2015 which commenced at 7:30pm. This was an ordinary meeting.


  • P Boyes (Chairman)
  • J. Aaron
  • D. Ashe
  • M. Harwood
  • M. Robinson (Clerk)

Also Present:

  • Mr Rowley


  • C. Womack
  • P. Ainsworth
  • D. Wardleworth


The minutes of the Salesbury and Copster Green Commons Management Committee Meeting held in the Salesbury Memorial Hall Wednesday 20th May 2015 were read, approved and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising

Access Routes through Copster Green

J Aaron and M Harwood have obtained a quote from O’callaghan Civil Engineering for undertaking the repair works to the access routes. The quote was for £1750+VAT. It was agree to undertake these works. Notices will be sent to the residents regarding the works. It was agreed to avoid Thursday’s (refuse collection day) and aim for a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Common Land close to Salesbury Cricket Club

D Wardleworth and Mr Foley have met on the common land close to the Church/Salesbury Cricket Club and have devised a plan for the cutting of the grass which will leave a number of areas uncut to allow wild flowers to flourish.


The Knottweed on Lovely Hall Lane appears to be sprouting again. In addition the Knottweed at Ashes Farm has not been sprayed. Clerk to write to RVBC.

Use of Weedkiller on the Common Land

It is noted that RVBC are using weedkiller along the edges of the common land – this is obviously killing off the grass/reducing the common land and looks aesthetically unpleasing. Clerk to write to RVBC and request this practice is stopped.


Fly Tipping

It would appear that an area towards the bottom of the common land at Parkgate Row has a problem with fly tipping of waste materials. Chairman to write to the residents to ask them to stop this practice.

Preservation of Common Land

Nothing further


Cricket Club

Nothing further


Programme and Progress of Works

Access Routes through Copster Green

As detailed above works to the access routes should commence in early October.

Any Other Business

Nothing further



Nothing to Report


Date and Time of Next Meeting

11th November2015 at 6:45pm – This will be an ordinary meeting.